The enchanted house’s home

photo 1

I am always sad when I part from my papercuts, they take very long to make and I do put all my attention and care into designing them and cutting them out. Every leaf, every detail that i cut away to form the piece becomes special to me.

And every time I want to hold on to them, as they are so dear to me, but seeing how people brighten up as they receive them and realise that they are looking at their own special story, it makes it all worth the while.

This one is a particular favourite of mine (very hard to separate) as it turned out so dreamlike, but also as for this story I received the kindest and loveliest feedback I ve gotten to date.

I don’t often get to see my papercuts once they leave my studio that’s why I was so excited when I saw this one at its new home, a year later. I loved the unanticipated wall composition and the life it had on its own right in this sunny conservatory ..

photo 2

Like the finished papercut of The enchanted house on the paper-stories website.


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Stories on the underground


Been wanting to post this for a while…
This paper-cutting is of Oxford street underground station in London.

It is an 840mm x 550mm papercut, my largest one to date. It took about 40 hours cutting it and more than a few planning it out, so I am very happy on how this turned out.

I tried to put into this one as many stories as I could, as this is the essence of the experience on London underground. Every passenger has a story to tell, but so does the city:

About a year ago, I was working on a competition at work when we were made aware of the underground Royal Mail rail that spans across London. This was used during the Second World War to transfer safely mail in and out of London. It is now disused of course, but I like the idea of a wagon full of mail being left on the rail, just waiting to be discovered. I knew I wanted to include this from the beginning, just have a look see if you can find it ;)

For the ground level the introduction of the umbrellas on the top zone was a happy accident as it immediately feels like it is outside, and of course pays homage to London weather.

Furthermore, I was keen to introduce the mice network around the whole thing. As you are never further away that a meter to a mouse in London.. apparently!!

Finally, I really like the guys in favourite characters are….: the guy with the dog or the couple with the pram… ooh..ooh.. maybe the girl in the puffy jacket with the iphone… Who is YOUR favourite London character?? AND.. how many mice can you spot??

Check the paper cut out on the paper-stories website: Stories on the Underground

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Paper-cut flipbook for make

Make architects produce every year these beautiful annual magazines, and for the past couple of years I had the pleasure of making paper-cuts illustrating key products.

For Annual 9 we documented the cutting process by setting the camera to take photographs of the paper-cut every couple of minutes to capture the pieces of paper being cut off and revealing the design. About a third of them were selected to be put together in a flipbook. This meant that the order of the cuts became as important as the final image.

This particular paper-cut, in the video, features the Thomas-Clarkson school project, which was based on the Fibonacci spiral. The paper-cut too unravels around the spiral: starting from the central courtyard the cuts are being made clockwise, starting to reveal the buildings and landscape.








_MG_2685 1_1

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The recent months have been filled with happy news, many of our dear friends expecting and having cute little babies that made me think of where the babies come from- in stories.

The analogy of the stork, a long distance traveling bird is so beautiful that I wanted to incorporate it in a papercutting celebrating the baby boom we ‘ve been having.

photo i_website

photo ii_website

photo iii_website

From the sketchbook to the papercutting (here showing only a few  steps):

photo 1-1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 5

And here it is the final piece under some slightly better light:

baby boom baby boom


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ToDryFor competition entry

cycling in the woods

A couple of months ago I submitted a papercut for a tea towel design competition held by

I liked the idea that the tea towel has a design that spans to the edges of the towel so you can see it when it is folded.

I love beautiful designs printed on tea towels (and I have soo many) but most of them have a print in the center of the fabric. This is a shame as (at least my) tea towels spend most of their lives hanged from the oven handle you hardly ever get to see the design. I thought this was an opportunity to change that by having the design reaching and being legible even when folded.

Last night I jumped up with excitement when I saw my design featuring in the shortlisted selection at their Facebook page. Very pleased about that!!
Please have a look and if you fancy it leave a ‘like’

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Fresh laundry


Project separators for the portfolio page of my website.

I made a few pieces of clothing but once they were left on my desk I found myself starting to play with them. I’d make different combinations and outfits and now I am getting excited to papercut a version of my clothes.

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London tube section papercut


This story it was on the back burner since christmas but hasn’t managed to grow into form until recently.

For the past year I have been thinking on making a collection of papercuts that although they would have a theme they could vary significantly. Something that I could get creative but also have a strong structure that people could relate to.

The answer to my confusion came on a very cold winter morning, as I was navigating through the maze of the underground tunnels of train stations in an efford to cross London to get to work. Once I got on one of the many escalators (that I ride in my travels) I stood and I was looking at the people at the opposite escalator: every passenger was so unique, so very different. The multi-cultural nature of London is so fascinating as every single accent/ face/ dress style/ culture/ attitude is different. We are all trying to find our way to our destination which can be stressful, exciting, routine or simply confusing. So my direction for my papercuts was to take a section through London: through the underground tunnels, trains and crowds.

Once I started planning this, i realised that being an architect my attention was instantly drawn to the layouts of the tunnels and their morphologies as much as their instantly changing occupants, and I found I could retrace my steps from the ‘touch in’ moment of my oyster card, through the tunnels, escalators platforms, trains, stairs to the ‘touch out’ point quite accurately.

Looking carefully at the tunnels as spaces, with the details, materials and patterns they have I realised that there is a vast variety of different space categories and layouts, and they vary drastically from one station to another. (Point to self) Something that would be interesting cataloguing/ investigating further, layouts and ornaments of stations according to area and time they were built). For now I have been mapping the Oxford circus station on my sketchbook -I am worried of whether I ll attract the attention of the security guard if I take my camera out)

The cool thing about this idea for papercut is the constant source of inspiration as London is full of stations and full of interchanges so if this goes well I can keep myself as busy as I please!

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Love in the time of long-distance


This is my latest papercut, which is both personal and emotional to me as it is inspired by one of my bravest and most wonderful friends. Doing the long distance ‘thing’ with your partner is never easy, but their devotion and love for each other inspired me to want to create this memento for them, as it marks a tough but very important time in their life.

On the technical side of constructing the image, putting the two figures on the same plane allowed for continuity and to create a connection. I am using the background to show elements of the different places, the asian lanterns on the right and the greek olive tree on the left.

I was quite relieved when someone suggested that the line in the middle could be a telephone wire-esque, as I was struggling to create an element that was playful and yet symbolic to the story.

This is one of the pieces I contemplated for the longest time as long distance relationships and being away from loved ones is something I am very sensitive towards. Overall I am excited of the way it turned out, and believe it was cathartic or me to do in a way. Can’t wait till they receive it through the post later in the week.

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New Year- New Start

Weeeell….. not sure if it is still ok to refer to ‘New Year’ by late March but it is snowing outside (!!) and it IS a new beginning and starting a blog is something that definitely was on my New Year’s resolution.

Having an online journal is something that has been on the back-burner for a while now so I am hoping I am better at this than my previous attempts for keeping a diary.

This is also important to me as I can have a place where all sketches, research, goals, plans for world domination via papercuttings can be concentrated in. At the moment I am filling back sides of receipts, napkins and loose post it notes of early ideas that more often than not loose their way to my sketchbook.

Hopefully this can also be a platform where I get feedback from you, inspiration, ideas etc

I have been trying to make a website with my portfolio, with the enormous help of the absolutely brilliant Andy Godwin. He has shown a great deal of patience with my demanding self, but I think the result is going to be quite cool! It has taken us a long while to make a website where each page is a papercut itself, but more on that later.

Having spend most of the past few days familiarizing myself with the platform’s interface, let’s see how this thing called web log works, shall we?

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