A childhood memory for a doll’s house

Recently work participated in a charity event where architects and designers created doll’s houses that will be exhibited around london and auctioned off in support to the UK’s charity KIDS.

As part of the design week the dollhouses are exhibited in Domus showroom
Make came up with a template for dollhouses that could interlock all together. Each of us would personalise a doll’s house, so little doll houses would form a very big one. The brief was that the dollhouses should reflect a childhood memory. See all the dollhouse stories  on: http://dollshouse.makearchitects.com/


Abour ‘Forest Glade’:

I started thinking about the fairy tales I remembered from my childhood I realised what Hansel& Gretel, Goldilocks, Red-riding hood, Sleeping beauty, Snowwhite had in common.. they all spent some serious time in the woods. So in my story the girl in the red coat is playing in the safety of a forest clearing.

The silhouettes of trees and branches around her create a game of light/shadows, allowing us to peer into the story.





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