Chris & Ellie’s (+baby) Home

I am often asked about how do I make my papercuts, whether I use cutting machine or a lasercutter.. So this video is trying to show my cutting process and how all of it is cut out by hand:

To make the video I used my friend’s camera which was set to take a photo every 60 seconds. This stop-frame animation video sums up more than 6 hours of cutting. (For the next video I am hoping to get a headstrap for the camera, so you can see more detail being slowly revealed as I cut off the little pieces of paper..)

About the story:
This was a present from Andrew and me to our very good friends Chris and Ellie and their new beautiful baby. We had decided on making their lovely home into a paper story a while back; in fact I had drew the first sketch before last summer when they took us in to stay with them for over a month, when our place was a complete construction site, and put up with us stressing out about it.

Waiting for over year to make the paper cut turned out for the better as now there was a new beautiful baby to include in the story.

Papercutting details of family and kitchen

Papercutting details of family and kitchen

The final piece can be seen on the paper stories website:

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2 Responses to Chris & Ellie’s (+baby) Home

  1. Eleni says:


  2. this is stunning – what an amazing gift to be able to give – lucky friends!!

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