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Park Safari

I made this North London Park Safari for my sons, to print, colour in and take out to tick off on our adventures. If you are lucky enough and your local park has stayed open and you think you ll be up for playing, I ve linked the file here, for you to print out:

download here

Let me know how you get on, I d love to hear from you.




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White pointillism

The pointillism technique is such a lovely way to create a smooth smoke effect. (A.k.a. Trying out the new white marker.)


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Baby boom stork pendant

photo 4

photo 2

My Baby boom story was one on the most popular ones I ever did, and with so many friends expecting their own stork lately, I wanted to give them a little piece of this paper-story.

Digitally re-traced and laser cut the little storks, out of 3mm Perspex, they keep the same detail and intricacy as the original paper one. I am very happy to say that after so long of testing and trying to get them right, they are now finally ready and available on my etsy shop:


Check it out!!

baby boombaby boom

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Etsy shop now open!

Thrilling news today!

I know-I know, it’s been a while since I ve written here as I lately post in-process/ cutting-away photos straight on my facebook page: (note to shelf: come back and explain the back-story of some of my more recent works)

However, in the background I have been developing a line of accessories/jewelry that lift out elements from some of my original paper-cut stories. For this I have digitally retraced the original paper-cut and used laser-cutting to fabricate perspex. It is wonderfully exciting to see that the perspex jewelry have kept all the detail and intricacy of the original ones.

So, I am very thrilled to announce that my very first product, a brooch from my rain series paper-stories is now on my etsy:

More items to follow shortly, so watch this space. As ever any feedback is very welcome!


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Paper Dress – phosography

Another beautiful set of paper dresses from Thidaa.

blogitecture by thidaa

After looking at the Dancer in Flour, this was on   Phosography  ‘s front page. Again, beautiful. via – phosography.

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A couple of months back I was inbetween stories to cut and itching to go back to my scalpel and cutting mat. Around that time was when I noticed the telephone wires outside Stoke Newington station be weighted down by so many birds…
and VOILAA!!!
(See the final papercut at

HK 2009 752

HK 2009 753

HK 2009 755

HK 2009 756

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Paper Fashion – 60s

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these 60’s photographs of paper fashion discovered and posted by Thidaa. Lovely intricate and fascinating pieces!

blogitecture by thidaa

Some interesting photographs of Paper Fashion from the 60s. Future retro.

Via Modemuseum Antwerpen









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Paper-stories Bookmark

Paper-love bookmarks:
For Thania & Lefteris Wonderful wedding, they got a paper story of their lovely home, with their hobby/sports equipment and them all loved up in the middle: (see the original paper-story: Thania & Lefteris home)

A year later, for their paper anniversary I used the papercut figures to digitally trace them and lasercut them into bookmarks.




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A childhood memory for a doll’s house

Recently work participated in a charity event where architects and designers created doll’s houses that will be exhibited around london and auctioned off in support to the UK’s charity KIDS.

As part of the design week the dollhouses are exhibited in Domus showroom
Make came up with a template for dollhouses that could interlock all together. Each of us would personalise a doll’s house, so little doll houses would form a very big one. The brief was that the dollhouses should reflect a childhood memory. See all the dollhouse stories  on:


Abour ‘Forest Glade’:

I started thinking about the fairy tales I remembered from my childhood I realised what Hansel& Gretel, Goldilocks, Red-riding hood, Sleeping beauty, Snowwhite had in common.. they all spent some serious time in the woods. So in my story the girl in the red coat is playing in the safety of a forest clearing.

The silhouettes of trees and branches around her create a game of light/shadows, allowing us to peer into the story.





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Chris & Ellie’s (+baby) Home

I am often asked about how do I make my papercuts, whether I use cutting machine or a lasercutter.. So this video is trying to show my cutting process and how all of it is cut out by hand:

To make the video I used my friend’s camera which was set to take a photo every 60 seconds. This stop-frame animation video sums up more than 6 hours of cutting. (For the next video I am hoping to get a headstrap for the camera, so you can see more detail being slowly revealed as I cut off the little pieces of paper..)

About the story:
This was a present from Andrew and me to our very good friends Chris and Ellie and their new beautiful baby. We had decided on making their lovely home into a paper story a while back; in fact I had drew the first sketch before last summer when they took us in to stay with them for over a month, when our place was a complete construction site, and put up with us stressing out about it.

Waiting for over year to make the paper cut turned out for the better as now there was a new beautiful baby to include in the story.

Papercutting details of family and kitchen

Papercutting details of family and kitchen

The final piece can be seen on the paper stories website:

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